Welcome to the way forward in healthcare.

Healthcare Integrity Group (HIG) is founded on the belief that all healthcare systems should be focused on serving the best interests of patients and their families. That’s why HIG partners with communities to create sustainable models of care that are patient-centered and patient-driven.


HIG is an integrated healthcare solutions company that empowers both patients and providers by facilitating cooperation and providing the tools and support needed for optimal care delivery.

CHC Model

HIG’s Community Healthcare Collaborative™ framework


The systems engine and development platform of the CHC framework


HIG’s proprietary CliniTracker™ Care Collaboration application


Leveraging HIG’s expertise
to improve healthcare


HIG is actively engaging healthcare communities, government agencies, medical professionals, and technology providers to develop effective systems and tools that empower patients, strengthen the patient-provider relationship, and support a patient-centric approach to healthcare.

Our Expertise

We offer new perspectives and proficiencies that can assist clients in pursuing federal, regional, local and private funding opportunities.

Dr. Maria Goebert
Maria Goebert, Ph.D., MHSA, BSW, Principal and CEO

Dr. Goebert has a PhD in Healthcare Administration and has served the industry for 20 years in various roles from hospital social worker to CMS contractor.
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Patricia Gibson
Patricia Gibson, Principal and President

Ms. Gibson is an experienced entrepreneur who has more than 30 years experience in communications, marketing and business development.
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Founding Principles

We have built our approach on the following founding principles:

  • The patient-provider relationship is the highest priority.
  • Collaboration beats competition.
  • Care must be evidence-based, patient-centered and patient-directed.
  • Care delivery should be built around communities.
  • Policies must remain transparent, fair, and enforceable.
  • Technology makes things possible, but better healthcare is driven by people.
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